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IT Challenges Facing Organisations in 2017

January 16 2017

2016 certainly proved to be an interesting year in terms of information technology, and 2017 is likely to present businesses with some tough challenges. To be prepared for what may exist ahead,...

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January 16 2017

The concept of IT security is playing an increasingly important role within the modern business world. As new threats emerge, it is the responsibility of management to mitigate their potential...

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What does Disaster Recovery mean for an organisation?

December 20 2016

The first steps of disaster recovery take place long before any disaster strikes your company's IT section and if the correct plan is in place your business will be able to weather any storm...

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The Biggest IT Challenges Organisations Faced in 2016

December 19 2016

Information technology plays a more prominent role in business than ever before with IT managed services becoming an essential component of running a successful organisation. Originally, using IT...

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Technology creating Challenges for the Finance Sector in Ireland

October 25 2016

The rate at which technology has grown at in Ireland over the past few decades is well documented, touching many different sectors, none more so then the Financial Services Industry. The evolution...

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How Has IT Security Evolved Over Time?

October 14 2016
Technology has advanced at a rapid rate: from the first connection between two military computers in 1969; to the first computer virus; to the birth of global IT organisations, such as Facebook...
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Cloud Computing: What does the Future Hold?

September 16 2016

Cloud computing has become such a key development in the IT industry that many of the major players have been left behind by its sudden rise. The reason for this is simple: there is often a...

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August 25 2016

Every day in the news we hear about a new form of Ransomware hitting all types of organisations big and small. In this blog post we give some simple steps which can keep your company more...

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Being Cloud Savvy: 7 Common Misconceptions About Cloud Computing

August 16 2016

The cloud is an IT tool which is growing exponentially bigger as each day passes, and an increased number of clients are storing their data on it or utilising it for other purposes. Countless...

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